Kavinsky oyununun android hileli apk indirip Kavinsky hileli mod ile oynayabilirsiniz. Kavinsky Hile indir

Kavinsky Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Kavinsky is a game starring the artist of the same name, where you’ll need to use your fists to clean the streets of thugs and corrupt police so that you can then jump into a car and drive down the highway at full speed.
The game is divided into several phases, all totally different from one another. In the first few, you’ll control Kavinsky directly to move through the streets and attack any enemies that cross your path. You can also pick up tobacco and cans of beer to recover health points.
Once you’ve finished the street fighting missions – where you can even create levels with augmented reality – you’ll gain access to the Kavinsky’s famous Ferrari. That’s when the driving missions begin.
You can choose between two different types of controls: your device’s accelerometer or touch screen. No matter your decision, you’ll have to go very fast if you don’t want to run out of time and have to start over from the beginning. And, every once in a while, you’ll need to cross police barriers.
Kavinsky is an entertaining action and racing game that is especially notable for its spectacular graphics, with truly outstanding character and vehicle models.