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Kiwi Wonderland Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Kiwi Wonderland is an endless runner in two dimensions in which you control a kiwi who wants to learn to fly, but it won’t be easy. On the way, you’ll have to get through levels full of traps and other evil birds which will only make things harder.
The gameplay in Kiwi Wonderland is standard for this genre: the little kiwi will move in a straight line from left to right, while you control the height at which it flies by tapping on the screen. It’s a similar system to that of Jetpack Joyride, only in a snowy place full of evil birds.
Along the way, you can collect all kinds of items: coins to buy new characters, green balls that fly through the sky for a few seconds only, and all types of power-ups with different effects.
Kiwi Wonderland is a well-made endless runner that is both fun and addictive. It also has charming graphics, which make it a delight to play.