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Knight Storm Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Knight Storm is a third-person action and adventure game where you control a medieval knight who participates in jousts and swordfights, trying to win glory, prestige, and gold.
You can take part in jousts where you have to challenge other knights from the kingdom. In these duels, you’ll use your fingertip to guide your lance and attack your opponent’s weak points. Only this way will you be able to knock him down before he does the same to you.
When you’re not atop your horse in jousts, you can still do many other things, like manage your castle. You can create new installations and order new armor and weapons from your blacksmiths.
You can also embark on different adventures throughout the entire Knight Storm kingdom. On these adventures you’ll participate in foot battles, using only your sword instead of your spear.
Knight Storm is a third-person action game with versatile gameplay and very good graphics. It also comes with the seal of quality of 505 Games, a veteran name in the world of gaming.