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Lance Town Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Lance Town is a two dimensional action game. Players control a rider that challenges endless hordes of enemy warriors. Luckily, you have a huge riding lance on your side that will help you to annihilate any opponents that dare to cross your path.
Your trusty steed will always ride ahead so your main task is to control attacking and jumps. You’ll need these skills to dodge the enemy tramps that you’ll come across on all levels. Your attack skills will allow you to defeat the roughest adversary. Crush your weakest enemies simply by running them over with your horse.
Using your attack skills and special abilities at the right moment is the key to Lance Town. If you hit your enemy with an attack in the exact moment when they are attacking you, you’ve just caused them a critical impact strike and you can then continue attacking for a few bonus seconds.
With its non-stop action, Lance Town is a game that tests your finest special force battle skills face to face with hundreds of armored enemies. Graphics turn each battle into spectacular show.