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Last Guardians Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Last Guardians is a 3D fighting game where you have to move through a world dominated by dark forces and free it from all the evil creatures inhabiting it. As the sole guardians of the light, you have to know how to use your powers and special skills if you want to make it to the end and bring back the peace.
To move through the game, you’ll need enormous skill in managing all the special skills at each time, and also have to use your profits to upgrade your spells and weapons, as you’ll come across opponents that get ever harder to defeat. The villains in the dungeons in each phase tend to be even more difficult and are sure to put you into frequent squeezes.
Nonetheless, although Last Guardians makes you confront the strongest creatures of the dark world, you’re not alone – in more than one battle you’ll fight alongside allies who you can also control, so be smart about how you use your side’s magic if you don’t want it to turn into a problem while you’re waging battle.
With more than 20 levels split over three stages and boasting dozens of different monsters, Last Guardians won’t be easy to beat. It’ll put even the most expert players to the test, giving you hours and hours of fun, fighting, and strategizing that propel you to the end of the adventure.