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Martial Arts Brutality Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Martial Arts Brutality is a 2D fighting game where instead of directly controlling the movements of your fighter, you have to choose cards with the movements you want to make. Once you’ve chosen a card, you have to trace a pattern on the screen in order to execute it correctly. You can also block enemy attacks by tracing lines in the direction of the attacks.
The fights in Martial Arts Brutality are a little slow, but that’s because you need time to choose your cards and make decisions. Once the attack is underway, however, you’ll only have a few seconds to play your cards and try to inflict as much damage as possible. When time is up, you can check the details to see how the fight went.
Between fights, you can improve your deck. There are chests that you can unlock that will give you all kinds of new cards (common cards, rare cards, legendary cards, etc.), and by combining these cards, you can create decks that are good enough to destroy any enemy you come across.
Martial Arts Brutality is a brutal action game with touches of strategy. Not only can you plan your attacks and strategy, but you can also check the attack results down to the very last detail. And it’s all done with excellent graphics.