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Master Archer Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Master Archer is a game of skill where you have to show your skills with a bow and arrows in a fun and addictive way. If you want to put your visual acuity and reaction speed to the test, enjoy this game in its different modes.
The first thing to learn in Master Archer is how to aim. Tap the screen and swipe up, down, right, or left to create a larger angle or shoot with more force. To check where your arrow will land you’ve got to look at the dotted line that appears when you tap the screen. Although the line doesn’t show the full trajectory you can still get an idea of how far your arrow can go.
This game has two different game modes: against the AI and bird hunt. In the first one you’ll face another archer in front of you at a set distance. Your aim is to take down your rival before he can do the same to you by sticking more arrows into him. On the other hand, in the bird hunt mode you’ve got to do precisely that – shoot the birds that fly over your head to get points. Enjoy archery and show off your skills in this fun adventure.