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McPixel Lite Nasıl Hile Yapılır

McPixel is a strange adventure game in which our hero, called McPixel, has to confront a series of madcap situations and try to resolve them in an equally crazy way.
For each of these situations we have 20 seconds, and the solutions in many cases involve actions like kicking other people in the groin, or eating. These solutions aren’t always particularly rational, but they are usually quite fun.
Graphically, as the images confirm and one might guess from the name, the game pays tribute to classic pixellated heroes, with designs that some might dismiss as old-fashioned, while others see them as completely awesome.
McPixel is a fun game indeed, which, though it can become slightly suffocating in long gameplay sessions, is perfect for consumption in small doses. And of course, this portable version (which is also compatible with Windows) is perfect for that.