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Moe! Ninja Girls Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Moe! Ninja Girls is a visual novel with an anime aesthetic where you take on the role of a new exchange student on the first day of school. On the way to class, your character comes across two classmates. And this encounter changes how your course develops forever.
The gameplay in Moe! Ninja Girls is standard for the genre: just read the conversations your character has and, from time to time, make a relevant decision. Depending on which decisions you make throughout the story you’ll see one ending or another.
To move ahead in the story of Moe! Ninja Girls you’ll need tickets that you get for free every day. Plus you can win more tickets and other rewards by playing the gacha that comes in the game. Like this you can also put together a spectacular collection of virtual cards.
Moe! Ninja Girls is an excellent anime visual novel that despite offering a rather unoriginal story turns out to be very entertaining thanks to the charismatic characters. Plus the game has quite good graphics.