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Office Hero! Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Office Hero! is a casual game in which you’ll have to help an office worker make decisions that will impact his career as he goes about his day. To do so, choose one of the two available options whenever you have to make a decision and hope that you choose wisely.
Each scene Office Hero! has fun 2D graphics and a hand-drawn style. In each level, you’ll have to closely watch each character’s words and actions to figure out which option you should choose.
As you beat levels, you’ll have to pay closer and closer attention to your environment to avoid making a bad decision. Your bosses won’t let you get away with anything, so make sure to choose the right option if you want to keep your job.
Office Hero! has loads of levels, and you’ll have to pay close attention and rack your brain to solve each one. Check it out, have fun, and see if you can get this office worker out of sticky situations each workday.