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Overkill Mafia Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Overkill Mafia is a first-person shooting game in which players try to get deep into legendary 1920s Chicago, where each bar is a dangerous place and the Mafia is comfortably camped out in the streets.
Same as the rest of games that make up the Overkill saga, in Overkill Mafia, players can’t move. From a static position, you have to point your weapon with the left thumb, while you shoot and reload with the right thumb. The goal is to kill all the bad guys in each level before they get you.
Before you start each level, players can personalize their equipment and buy different types of upgrades. You have a complete arsenal of weapons at your disposition, like pistols, Tommy guns, precision rifles, and shotguns. Likewise, you can protect yourself with things like gloves, boots and helmets.
Overkill Mafia’s graphics will remind you of Sin City’s graphics, since only three colors are used: black, white and red. Also, it’s comic style will make you feel like the game is really a graphic novel.
Overkill Mafia is an excellent first-person shooting game that has an exciting gameplay, well-crafted graphics, and tons of content in terms of levels, guns, gadgets and special missions.