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Path of Immortals: Dungeons Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Path of Immortals: Dungeons is an action game in which you enter a magical world to become a being that claims to be immortal. Specifically, before you start your first game you can choose to control a barbarian, a warrior, or a druid. Each of these characters has special skills so think carefully about your choice before starting the adventure.
In Path of Immortals: Dungeons you control your character through multiple vertical settings. Using the joystick at the bottom of the screen, you can move your hero in any direction. However, on each of the screens, the enemies begin to unfold and you have to display your best attack tactics if you don’t want to be defeated.
It’s important to note that you can control every moment of the action using only one finger. Attacks are automatic, so you just have to worry about guiding your character. On the other hand, little by little you’ll receive skills and rewards that you can use to level up your character’s skills. At the end of the day, your main goal is to advance relentlessly to try to reach eternal life.
Path of Immortals: Dungeons has pretty entertaining mechanics that are sure to keep you glued to your Android screen while you enjoy the action. Even if you’re inactive, your hero will continue to fight and you can even change the protagonist at any time.