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Pokeland Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Pokeland is a third person action game that puts you in control of a ton of pokemon and challenges you to fight against other pokemon inside 3D settings. The combat system, unlike the other games in the saga, is in real time because it’s based on the Pokemon Ruble spin-off created for Wii. You just need to click on the screen and slide to attack.
The levels in Pokeland are pretty short. Normally, you first have to face a bunch of relatively small pokemon, then a much larger one in the ‘boss’ mode. Luckily, you can change your pokemon at any given moment. There are 52 settings and 134 pokemon to capture at the beginning. You can also use your Mii from your Nintendo account.
Pokeland is a really entertaining action game that specially stands out because of its beautiful visuals and incredible gaming system. Like all the other games in the saga, you can capture and collect dozens upon dozens of different pokemon that you can control through tons of different levels.