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Ramboat Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Ramboat is a 2D action game where you can navigate the waters of different warzones while trying to kill all the enemies that appear on the screen. Helicopters, paratroopers, speedboats… the enemy is all over the place.
The control system in Ramboat is simple, original, and intuitive. You don’t have to press any buttons to shoot, as your hero does that automatically when an enemy is within reach. What you do need to control is your boat: you press the screen to accelerate, slide down to submerge and up to jump, and raise your finger to hit the breaks.
Between levels you can unlock new characters and boats using the money you earn on each level. Each character has his or her own special abilities, and the controls are different for each. That said, the most entertaining thing to do is to unlock all the ships; some of them are really crazy, like a hippo or a shark.
Ramboat is a super fun action game with wonderful graphics. An outstanding title in many respects, it could hook you for hours on end.