Reaper oyununun android hileli apk indirip Reaper hileli mod ile oynayabilirsiniz. Reaper Hile indir

Reaper Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Reaper is a two-dimensional action game that puts you in control of a mysterious character who wakes up inside a cave and soon discovers that outside, two bands are fighting for control of the world.
Reaper’s control system is perfectly designed for touchscreen devices: use your left thumb to control your character’s movement from left to right, and your right thumb to make him jump or attack.
You’ll face off against tons of enemies along your adventure, with the help of hundreds of weapons and upgrades for your hero, who you can personalize to your liking. And when you kill enemies, you’ll win money and experience to help you progress faster.
Reaper is a two-dimensional action game with outstanding graphics and controls. You can play the first ten levels of the game for free, but after that you’ll need to pay if you want to continue.