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Redbros Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Redbros is a game that combines action, puzzles and strategy, where you need to lead a large group of adventurers through a series of dungeons filled with enemies and other dangers. Your goal is to escape from the dungeon, rescuing (and keeping alive) as many adventurers as possible.
The control system of Redbros is the highlight of the game. To move, or make your characters attack, all you need to do is tap the screen. If instead of just tapping, you trace a line or pattern, your heroes will position themselves in that formation. This often helps you to solve puzzles or even face your enemies in a more effective manner.
The game is made up of over a hundred dungeons, inside of which you find all kinds of things. You will, of course, come up against hundreds of different enemies, but you also need to collect succulent treasures and devastating spells, which can be used at any time. The survival of your heroes is of the utmost importance.
Redbros is an enthralling game, with delightful visuals, and the perfect gameplay for touchscreen devices. Besides, the game offers more than 100 different dungeons, enough to keep you busy for weeks on end.