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Sea Hero Quest Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Sea Hero Quest is an adventure game where players get behind the steers of a little ship that they use to try to hunt slippery sea monsters. But that’s not the most important thing in this game. The most important part of this game, is that while playing you’re actually helping fight dementia, an illness that affects over 45million people. How is that possible? To sum up that answer, basically, the game translates information from the routes you take in your ship into data that helps them investigate memory loss.
Research aside, Sea Hero Quest is a very fun game. Players move their ship by tapping the left and right side of their screen and can also accelerate by swiping upwards. The objective in each level is passing all the buoys in the right order, and at the end of each circuit, you’ll find a sea monster. In fact, in some special special levels, you’ll need to hunt chase that monster in order to capture its photograph.
Sea Hero Quest is a third person adventure game that is fun and has great graphics while allowing you to fight against dementia.