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Storm of Darkness Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Storm of Darkness is a first person action game in which you will control one of the few survivors of Eona. This is a planet that has been at peace for centuries, but which is now on the brink of disaster after a terrible alien attack.
After nearly destroying the planet and all of its inhabitants, the evil alien race is a step away from destroying Eona. Luckily, the resistance includes a small group of heroes that will stand up and face the danger until the very end. Of course, you will be one of those heroes. Armed to the teeth, you will have to face endless waves of enemies.
Storm of Darkness players can use lots of different weapons, which you can also keep improving. In addition, you will find different grenades and various power-ups to help you during the different levels.
In each of the many scenes where you have to fight, you will find dozens and dozens of enemy aliens. The goal is to stay alive until the timer runs out… or to get rid of a certain number of enemies.
Storm of Darkness is an entertaining first-person shooter. Though it doesn’t have spectacular graphics, it has simple, addictive mechanics.