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Stormborne: Infinity Arena Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Stormborne: Infinity Arena is a third-person action game where players control a gladiator who has to escape imprisionment from within a dungeon. In order to do so, you’ll have to face off against other gladiators with the same thirst for blood, freedom and glory.
Players have to move their character freely around each scene and pick up treasure chests and going through one scene to another. Careful though, whenever you get close to an enemy chamber, you’ll focus exclusively on battling them and will go into automatic combat mode. Whenever this happens you’ll see how a series of additional controls appears on each side of your screen: tapping your left controller has you blocking enemy attacks and with your right side button you’ll be on the offensive with different attack modes.
As you complete misions, you’ll defeat enemies and pick up treasure chests which will also allow you to improve some aspects of your character. Not only will you be able to improve their attributes and abilities, but you’ll also get new weapons and shields. Along the way you’ll find dozens of swords, helmets, shields, boots, etc.
Stormborne: Infinity Arena is an action game that outshines its counterparts within this genre. Moreso due to its spectacular graphics, extremely entertaining combat systems (that’ll remind you of Infinity Blade). Overall an excellent title that takes up little space and is very well optimized.