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Survivor Squad Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Survivor Squad is an action game that uses top-down perspective, in which players control a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, who must join forces with other survivors to move forward. The best thing about these temporary alliances is that other players can join your game online, assuming the role of those survivors.
By tapping the screen, you can make your character move around the screen. As soon as a zombie or any other enemy enters your gun’s field of action, your character will shoot automatically. And you’ll have to be very careful, since your character can be killed with just one hit. Luckily, your allies can heal you if they’re fast enough.
In between missions, players can customize their team. They’ll have a good number of different firearms at their disposal, such as shotguns or machine guns, that they’ll also be able to upgrade. In addition, you can use different kinds of masks that will give you special powers, and even artifacts like mines or grenades.
Survivor Squad is a very entertaining multiplayer action game, that offers a wide array of weapons, settings and enemies. Additionally, the game’s graphics are excellent, and the design of the main characters deserves a special mention.