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Team Conquest Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Team Conquest is a wild online action game in which two teams of up to three players go head-to-head in exciting paint battles. Your mission is to use your all skills and special attacks to paint as much area as possible.
During battles, just use your left thumb to move your character and use your right to aim your weapon. The characters will paint wherever they walk, so keep moving to conquer as much territory as possible. In this sense, Team Conquest is similar to the great game Splatoon.
Although the map-painting mechanics are similar to Splatoon, Team Conquest is a much faster game. The games barely last a minute, and in that time you’ll have to conquer landmarks on the map and defeat enemies. On top of all that, your skills will change as you play games, so you’ll have to learn how to skillfully use them all.
Team Conquest is a very fun multiplayer game in which up to six players can compete in wild online battles. Not only that, but this game has great graphics, loads of skins, and plenty of character customization options.