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Wedding party Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Wedding Party is an entertaining game in which you help a hippo as she goes about her morning routine. But this isn’t just any day: it’s her cousin’s wedding day.
The game begins when the hippo’s alarm clock rings. At that point, she gets up, puts on her slippers, makes the bed, opens the curtains, and waters the plants. Once those first few chores are done, you can move on to the next task: get cleaned up. The hippo will brush her teeth, take a shower, wash the dirty clothes, set the washing machine, and hang out the clothes to dry. The next item in your morning routine is, of course, breakfast. And this time you’re not alone: another hippo, who appears to be the protagonist’s son, joins her for breakfast, and she’ll serve him cereal, jam, milk, and juice.
There’s plenty of tasks to do with the hippo as she goes about her day, from raking the garden and planting vegetables to driving through the city and running errands. After all of that, it will finally be time to get ready for her cousin’s wedding.
With the entertaining game Wedding Party, children will have plenty of fun while learning about everyday routines.