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WF2: Chronicles Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles is an action and stealth game where you control a fugitive who’s just escaped from a prison in the middle of nowhere in winter. Your objective, of course, is to evade the guards and try to get out of the defensive mazes in the prison.
Moving your character is as simple as sliding your finger in the direction you want to go. If you move quickly from one box to another while the guards are looking in the other direction, you can knock them out. This not only makes you a little safer, but also gets you a bit of money.
In Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles, you can use the money you get in a few different ways. With just over 20 coins, for example, you can bribe the first guard who sees you … though if you want to bribe another guard later in the same game, it will be a lot more expensive. You can also use your money to unlock other kinds of objects.
Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles is a great stealth game and an amazing sequel. And thanks to the multiple unlockable characters, you’ll always find new incentives to keep playing.