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Worms VS Frogs Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Worms VS Frogs is an offshoot of the classic Worms, but this time instead of fighting other worms, you have to face a team of frogs. Unfortunately, although the game shamelessly copies the basic idea from Worms, it’s not nearly as fun as the old classic.
In Worms VS Frogs you control two worms who have to fight two frogs. You can use five types of weapons, all of them with infinite ammo. Naturally, some weapons are better than others … so it really doesn’t make sense not to use the one best weapon all the time and win.
A huge disappointment is that the characters can’t move. In the classic Worms you could take your team members around the map, but in Worms VS Frogs you have to fire your weapons from the same place where you start from, always.
Worms VS Frogs is a turn-based strategy game, but it doesn’t really require any strategy on your part. In short, its problem is that it’s just terrifically tedious.