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Zombie shooter: shooting games Nasıl Hile Yapılır

Zombie Shooter: Shooting Game is an interesting combo of merge game and shooter, in which your mission is to merge weapons to create lethal firearms and use them to wipe out all the living dead in the city. If you’re a zombie fan and are looking for a unique game, check out Zombie Shooter: Shooting game. It will keep you hooked for hours merging weapons and trying them out on the zombies.
Start a new game, and you’ll first have to merge weapons. To do so, just tap on a weapon, drag it to another of the same type, and they will merge and create a new, more powerful weapon. To get truly lethal, high-level weapons, you’ll have to merge lower-level ones dozens of times. Not only that, but you can also buy weapons to merge, just make sure to spend your money carefully or you won’t have enough to progress through the game.
Once you’re ready to take on some zombies, just tap on the ‘Fire’ button to enter a radioactive city. There your mission is to make the city safe again by destroying every zombie that crosses your path. To get the highest score possible, you’ll have to defeat all the zombies as fast as possible by shooting them in the head. So aim carefully and use the items on the map to your advantage.
In Zombie Shooter: Shooting Game, your mission is to create lethal weapons and use them against all the zombies in the city. If your weapons aren’t powerful enough, you’ll have to go back and merge more and discover new weapons. Check out Zombie Shooter: Shooting Game, merge weapons, and try them out in the zombie-infested city.